Charles Hudson of Precursor Ventures - Venture Unlocked 002


Charles Hudson is the Managing Partner and Founder at Precursor Ventures, one of the first and most active pre-seed focused venture firms in the world.

Precursor seeks to invest in a company’s first round of institutional investment and focuses on investments in B2B software applications, B2C software and services, and connected hardware. Prior to founding Precursor Ventures, he spent 5 years as a Partner at Uncork Capital (formerly known as SoftTech VC). Charles was also the Co­Founder and CEO of Bionic Panda Games, a mobile games startup. Prior to this he held Business Development roles for Serious Business (acquired by Zynga), Gaia Interactive, and Google. Prior to joining Google, Charles was a Product Manager for IronPort Systems, and he worked at In-Q-Tel, the venture capital fund backed by the Central Intelligence Agency. Charles holds a BA and an MBA from Stanford University.

In this episode, Charles and I cover the following topics:

  1. What his thought process was of spinning out of an established seed firm to start his own firm. 

  2. Why positioning your fund correctly represents such a critical part in fundraising successfully.  

  3. His experience raising his first two funds relative to what he expected. 

  4. How he manages his time as a solo GP. 

  5. Why running a venture firm is actually multiple businesses in one. 

  6. The role of diversity in venture, and the opportunity ahead. 

Mentioned in this episode:

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