Renata Quintini & Roseanne Wincek of Renegade Partners on the Supercritical Stage and running a fund like a startup; Venture Unlocked #023


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I’m excited to bring you another duo interview, this time with Renata Quintini and Roseanne Wincek, co-founders and managing partners of Renegade Partners. They are without a doubt two of my favorite people in the industry as despite their incredible backgrounds, they remain humble and committed to staying scrappy to help founders through what they consider the “super critical” stage of development.

Just prior founding to co-founding Renegade with Roseanne, Renata was a Partner at Emerging Science and Deep tech inclined Lux Capital. Prior to joining Lux in 2017, Renata was a General Partner at Felicis Ventures, which as many know is one of the most successful seed entrants in venture history. Before becoming a venture capitalist, Renata was an investment manager (LP) at Stanford University’s endowment.

Roseanne has deep roots in VC; she got her start at Canaan Partners and then became a Partner at historic late stage firm IVP. At IVP, she invested across enterprise and consumer in companies such as Glossier, Compass, MasterClass, TransferWise, Looker (Acquired by GOOG), and KeepTruckin. Roseanne holds an MBA from Stanford University, as well as a MA in Biophysics and a BS in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. 

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In this episode we discuss the following topics:

01:58    Renata’s journey into venture

05:24    Roseanne’s journey into venture

10:59    What’s in the name Renegade?

13:03    The opportunity to disrupt venture itself by using the startup incentive model

18:16    What they did to navigate and foster the right partnership dynamics

21:08    Thinking like a startup when building a venture team

24:08    Scaling portfolio companies with the right team

29:40    What venture outcomes need to be today

31:42 Renegade’s focus on the “supercritical stage”. What does it mean and why this was a thesis.

34:20    Can investment thesis act as a moat?

38:37    Successfully fundraising during COVID by finding your believers + investors who understand the long-term nature of venture

42:32    Building lasting relationships with your LPs

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