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Shuly Galili of UpWest on building lasting partnerships and how they bridged the gap between Israeli founders and the US Market
Shuly Galili of UpWest on building lasting partnerships and how they bridged the gap between Israeli founders and the US Market
Episode 103

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This week we are joined by Shuly Galili, Founding Partner of UpWest, an early-stage firm founded in 2012 with her partner Gil Ben-Artzy to invest in seed-stage founders from Israel that are seeking to expand into the US market. UpWest has 4 funds under management and has invested in nearly 100 companies at the early stage that today have a collective market cap of over $20B. 

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About Shuly Galili:
Shuly is a Founding Partner at UpWest, a Silicon Valley seed fund investing in startups at the Israel-US technology junction. UpWest portfolio crossed $2B in VC funding and includes companies such as SentinelOne, HoneyBook, Stampli, CyCognito, Imubit, and more.

She helped found the California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC), a business platform for ongoing tech exchange serving a network of over 10,000 companies. Under Shuly’s leadership as Executive Director, CICC had a significant impact on its members’ success in securing millions in venture capital, establishing US/Israel offices and R&D Centers and branding Israel’s emerging tech industry in Silicon Valley.

In this episode we discuss:
(02:23) What gap they saw they wanted to fill in 2012
(08:45) How the go to market strategy is different in the US vs. Israel
(10:51) What their first fundraise was like with a new strategy
(14:03) The strategic support UpWest received from its early LPs
(15:39) The realization that they needed to grow to realize their vision
(18:10) How Fund II changed their investing strategy and approach
(21:50) When do you know it’s time to raise your fund size?
(25:42) What early-stage investors should optimize for
(30:32) Defining a healthy venture GP partnership
(33:57) UpWest’s decision-making process
(35:20) How Shuly and Gil maintain their partnership
(38:14) Advice to her younger self

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