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Patrick Chun at Juxtapose: How company creation models and studios work in VC, the squint and wedge framework of investing, and raising from blue-chip institutions
Patrick Chun at Juxtapose: How company creation models and studios work in VC, the squint and wedge framework of investing, and raising from blue-chip institutions
Episode 97

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This week we are joined by Patrick Chun, Founder and Managing Partner of Juxtapose. Based out of New York, Juxtapose can best be described as a creation-oriented investment firm that leverages expertise to launch and invest in companies. The firm currently has over $500M in AUM across its funds. 

I had so much fun recording this episode as Patrick was able to offer great insights from his extensive experience in creation-oriented investment models, including leading builds at Accretive and Thrive, as well as, working at top venture and growth equity firms like Bain Capital Ventures and Francisco Partners.

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As someone that works deeply in the private fund space, I’m incredibly excited that Aumni’s solution helps fund managers provide more insightful accurate reporting to their investors.  

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About Patrick Chun:
Patrick is a co-founder and managing partner at Juxtapose where he helps to manage the team across strategies and works closely with the firm’s leaders across the business, including concept development and talent identification. Patrick also participates meaningfully with the portfolio and its CEOs, including involvement at the board level.

Prior to founding Juxtapose, Patrick spent a significant portion of his career building and investing businesses at the earliest stages, including senior and partner-level experience at early-stage and at firms oriented towards company creation, such as Thrive Capital, Accretive, and Bain Capital Ventures.

He started his career at McKinsey & Company. Patrick has a BA from Harvard College, an MA from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

In This Episode We Discuss:

02:04 Patrick’s journey and inspiration to co-found Juxtapose
11:21 The art and science of company creations models
16:10 Defining a firm that is part private equity, part venture capital in profile
19:42 The squint and wedge frameworks that Juxtapose uses to evaluate companies and ideas
22:49 How they score ideas internally and decision making frameworks
25:24 Fund construction methodologies
29:09 How Patrick keeps interests aligned with founders in the co-creation model
32:01 Finding the right CEO for their businesses
37:50 How they raised capital from LPs, and what worked for them with institutions
42:45 Communication cadence with their LPs
46:16 Patrick’s overall view of the market and what innovations we’ll see in the coming years

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