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LP Unlocked shorts: What We're Hearing about Venture Liquidity with Meghan Reynolds of Altimeter

LP Unlocked shorts: What We're Hearing about Venture Liquidity with Meghan Reynolds of Altimeter

Episode 134

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Today we have another version of Venture Unlocked shorts, and this time it will be focused on topics within the GP/LP world.

Joining me again is Meghan Reynolds, who leads capital formation at Altimeter Capital

This time we discuss the significant liquidity challenges in the venture capital market, focusing on the concerns of LPs about funding future capital calls and the longer wait times for returns. With a decline in public offerings and exits, LPs and GPs are now turning to alternative strategies such as strip sales and GP-led secondaries. We highlight the need for GPs to establish clear liquidity management as the dynamics of the industry continue to change.

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About Meghan Reynolds:
Meghan Reynolds is Partner and Head of VC Capital Formation and Fundraising for Altimeter, a lifecycle technology investment firm. Prior to joining Altimeter, Meghan was Managing Partner and Co-head of Fundraising at TPG. She began her career and spent nearly a decade in the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs.

Meghan graduated from the University of Notre Dame.

In this episode, we discuss:

(02:00) The current state of the venture capital market and LP perspectives on liquidity and the impact of market resets on traditional exit opportunities like IPOs and M&As

(04:00) Liquidity and the challenges for LPs in funding upcoming capital calls due to increased venture activity and the need to adjust liquidity timeline expectations

(09:00) The complexities of exit strategies and the necessity for alignment between GPs and LPs on exit timing

(12:57) Using “Strip sales” as a liquidity management strategy are detailed, where a portion of a fund’s assets are sold to secondary buyers, and practical examples of how this strategy has been effectively implemented

(21:56) The need for venture capital to adopt more institutional and LP-friendly practices akin to the private equity evolution post-2008, driven by current fundraising challenges that compel VC funds to innovate in liquidity management and LP relationships

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