Kelsey Chase of Aumni on using data to become institutional quicker, and what LPs now expect from emerging managers - Venture Unlocked 027


The use of data is playing a bigger and bigger role in our everyday lives. Venture is no exception, but most of data use in VC is related to sourcing, picking, and helping founders.

My guest today, Kelsey Chase, co-founded a company called Aumni that uses granular level data contained in deal docs to help managers have a much better understanding of their portfolio positions and offer accurate, robust reporting for LPs. It was interesting to hear his perspectives on the problems that lie in reporting, and the rising bar LPs are expecting of emerging managers.

The company has raised $13MM to date, with their most recent round led by SVB.

Prior to Aumni, Kelsey was a venture lawyer at Wilson Sonsini and more recently DLA Piper.

In this episode we discuss the following topics:

02:55    What was the main problem they saw in deal reporting

04:53    New age of expectations for emerging managers

07:04    How data that can be used to drive all aspects of investing and fund management.

08:55    The rise of secondary markets, and the important of data.

11:18    Analytics for LPs

13:18    How role of automation in GP/LP relationships

15:31    The use of software to help managers focus on investing vs. other admin.

17:40   How managers need to think about accuracy of ownership position?

Mentioned in this episode:

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