Aug 24 • 45M

Evaluating Crypto today, investing in crypto funds, the role of governance in the space featuring Rabia Iqbal and Jehan Chu of Nural Capital

Episode 90

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Samir Kaji
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This week we are joined by Rabia Iqbal and Jehan Chu of Nural Capital, which is a crypto-focused hybrid firm that invests in both crypto funds and companies. Before starting Nural, Rabia spent time at Coatue and Mubadala, while Jehan is also a partner at blockchain-focused Kenetic Capital and has been one of the early pioneers within the crypto space.

Given the dynamic and evolving world of crypto, we had a great conversation on unpacking all angles on crypto including the current winter we are in, the role of governance, and insights on where crypto may go from here.

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About Rabia Iqbal:
Rabia Iqbal is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Nural Capital. She started her career at Morgan Stanley, she had a stop at Coatue Management before joining Mubadala, a sovereign wealth fund. She co-founded Nural in 2021. Rabia got her bachelor’s degree from Cornell.

About Jehan Chu:
Jehan Chu is the Co-Founder of Nural Capital. He also is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Kenetic, a Blockchain platform focused on technology, advisory, asset management, and community. Jehan has been active in the Blockchain community since 2014, when he founded the Hong Kong Blockchain Meetup and the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. His experience prior to that was in the art world on the auction-side at Sotheby’s and the acquisition side at Vermillion Art Collections.

In this episode we discuss:

01:20 How and why Nural Capital was formed
05:30 Jehan’s background in Crypto
08:58 How this current Crypto Winter is similar and different to ones in the past
13:00 Will Crypto be a correlated or non-correlated asset moving forward
15:42 Lessons we can take from the high-profile problems in Crypto
20:04 How governance and regulation is evolving in Crypto and what is needed
25:12 Areas where web3 excels over web 2.0
28:20 Differences between the early web and where Crypto is today
33:23 Who is currently investing in the Crypto space
37:46 What does it truly mean to be differentiated in the Crypto market
42:20 Areas in the Crypto space where Nural is most bullish

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