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Brad Gerstner talks AI, Tech Super cycles vs. Market cycles, and the start of Altimeter as a $3MM fund

Brad Gerstner talks AI, Tech Super cycles vs. Market cycles, and the start of Altimeter as a $3MM fund

Episode 117

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We're thrilled to bring on Brad Gerstner, Founder and CEO of Altimeter Capital

Altimeter was first founded in 2008 during the GFC with an initial fund of only $3 Million which Brad raised from friends and family. Today the firm employs both private and public strategies.

Altimeter takes an incredibly focused and high-conviction approach to investing and has backed companies such as Snowflake, Unity, Gusto, and Modern Treasury. And now manages a variety of venture and public funds, taking a hybrid and pragmatic approach to funding, using a variety of vehicles depending on stage and need to give companies and managers access to capital.

About Brad Gerstner:
Brad Gerstner is the Founder and CEO of Altimeter Capital. Before Altimeter, Brad worked as a multiple-time entrepreneur, was a founding principal of General Catalyst, and worked at PAR Capital. He is also an active thought leader on all aspects of the innovation economy, including numerous media appearances and a recurring role on the popular All-In Podcast. And Brad is working to improve the future of the country through efforts such as Invest America.

He earned a bachelor’s from Wabash College, a JD from Indiana University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. (2:17) Brad discusses his early life in Indiana and the influence of his father's entrepreneurial journey​​.

  2. (3:23) Brad talks about his path to law school and subsequent shift towards technology and entrepreneurship​​.

  3. (4:10) His impulsive trip to Silicon Valley and his first experiences there​​.

  4. (7:18) Brad discusses his insights into public and private markets and the realization of the need to participate in the venture market​​.

  5. (11:24) He explains the motivation and founding principles behind Altimeter, focusing on competitive advantage​​.

  6. (12:28) Brad highlights Altimeter's unique approach, combining venture capital experience with public market sensibility​​.

  7. (14:02) He speaks about the importance of founders choosing partners that provide intellectual resources along with capital​​.

  8. (18:41) Brad reflects on Altimeter's investment strategy and acknowledges that they haven't always done everything perfectly​​.

  9. (20:44) He discusses the cyclical nature of the venture business and the importance of the price of entry in investments​​.

  10. (23:24) Brad talks about technology super cycles and how they improve lives and outcomes​​.

  11. (28:19) He elaborates on the role of cloud computing and AI in reshaping industries and improving consumer experiences​​.

  12. (30:09) Discussing the evolution of search engines, Brad talks about the transition from Google as a card catalog to an answer bot​​.

  13. (32:32) He shares insights on the power of AI in business and its impact on efficiency and profitability​​.

  14. (39:45) Brad explains Altimeter's disciplined approach to valuation and their investment decision-making process​​.

  15. (44:51) He emphasizes the fiduciary duties of board members to all shareholders and the importance of research-based decision-making​​.

  16. (47:11) Brad reflects on his work with Richard Lugar and his influence on Brad's view of the world​​.

  17. (50:59) He discusses the Invest America initiative and its goal to invest in the future of American children and democracy​​.

  18. (54:03) Brad talks about the need for job retraining and economic participation in the face of labor displacement caused by AI​​.

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