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Adam Bain of 01 Advisors on scaling Twitter from 0 to $1B+, being coached by Bill Campbell, and why they don't take board seats

Adam Bain of 01 Advisors on scaling Twitter from 0 to $1B+, being coached by Bill Campbell, and why they don't take board seats

Episode 131

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This week we are pleased to be joined by Adam Bain of 01 Advisors, a San Francisco-based firm with nearly $1 billion under management.

Adam and his partners, including Dick Costolo, have taken a very different approach to the venture model, drawing from their experiences as operators. While Adam was COO and Dick was CEO at Twitter, they helped the company scale from zero to in revenue as fast as any consumer tech company in history. During this time, they spent a significant amount of time with the late Bill Campbell, the legendary CEO coach who helped inspire the foundation for 01 Advisors.

Since founding the firm in 2018, they have a uniquely focused approach to venture coaching and unlike other Series B and later VCs, they do not take board seats. We went through the why of this model. Along with topics such as the transition from operating to investing. And the future of potentially using models to determine founder archetypes.

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About Adam Bain
Adam is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner for 01 Advisors, a venture & advisory firm that helps founders go from building a product to building a company with operational expertise.

He was previously the COO for Twitter and a Board Director for Opendoor.

In this episode, we discuss:

(03:01) Adam shares his journey from Twitter to founding 01 Advisors, focusing on the transition from advertising and social media to a venture model that combines investing and advising

(05:00) The unique backgrounds of 01 Advisors' partners in scaling companies from zero to significant revenues, showcasing a rare collective experience in tech leadership

(08:01) The venture coaching approach at 01 Advisors that was inspired by Bill Campbell

(14:35) Why 01 Advisors chooses not to take board seats, aiming to offer more effective and unrestricted guidance to CEOs

(18:14) Helping CEOs appoint seasoned operators to board positions, ensuring comprehensive support without direct board involvement

(22:08) 01 Advisors' focus on Series B investments, aligning their operational expertise with companies at a pivotal growth stage

(24:16) 01's strategy of a concentrated portfolio to deeply engage and support their investments, contrary to the broader trend towards more extensive portfolios.

(27:25) Diligence process for revenue streams and operational dynamics, aiming to identify areas where 01 can significantly impact growth.

(29:00) The use of cognitive psychology for deeper CEO assessments post-investment, aiming to tailor support strategies to each leader's unique strengths and challenges

(31:16) The early successes of this cognitive approach

(34:42) The transition from high level operator to investor

(39:58) Why he’s excited continuous intellectual growth and the diverse learning experiences venture capital offers

(43:14) The market in 2024 is the Super Bowl moment for 01

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