Act One Ventures Silton and Guerrero on the Diversity Rider initiative, building meaningful partnerships, and operating experience has been key to their model

Episode 0050

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Today’s episode is with Michael Silton and Alejandro Guerrero of Act One Ventures, a Los-Angeles based firm that invests in pre-seed and seed-stage .

Before becoming Managing Director of Act One, Michael was Executive Director of the UCLA VC Fund for three and half years. He was also CEO & Founder of RainMaker Systems(to which he took public) and co-founder of UniDirect Corp. Prior to being General Partner at Act One, Alejandro was Volunteer Associate at UCLA Ventures from 2013-2016,  Co-Founder & CEO of Uniq Apps and Co-Founder & President of the Live Entertainment Network.

We chatted with them about their unique partnership, how they tangibly drive real diversity into cap tables, and how they navigate in today’s white-hot market.

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In this episode we discuss:

02:15 How the team got into investing

05:22 Why Michael started an independent firm, after so many years as an operator

13:10 Key lessons learned from raising their first fund

15:11 Staying positive when fundraising is going slow

22:53 The Act One Ventures investment model

26:34 Why learning from failures is a superpower

29:18 How their unique differences as a partnership drive value to founders

38:35 The Diversity Rider; What it means and why is it critical for the future of underrepresented GPs and founders.

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